Enter the Sketchyverse

The musical universe brought to you by Grammy nominated, multiplatinum producer IllaDaProducer.

Requires MetaMask or other Browser Wallet

NFT Info

Benefits to holders

Each NFT has a beat attached to itIn order to win the commercial rights to your beat, you have to write the best song on that beat.Once you write your song you can submit your track in our discord in the channel named after your beatOnce you win the track, Illa will submit your song to the biggest labels, A&Rs, publishers and artists in the game if you want your song shopped for you.If you just want to keep your song then you are free to release your song as an NFT.The ownership of the song will be split 50/50 and Illa will help you promote and market your NFT.

The TreeWorld

Home to Kenji and the WhoWho's

The WhoWhos are a species of colorful, stylish owlsand their first language is music, specifically RnB. Their superstar, Kenji, is said to have a voice so powerful it can change the color of the sky and water in the TreeWorld.

The WaterWorld

Home to Sketchy and the JellyHeads.

Sketchy is a mutant musical artist from the Bored Ape Yacht Club and is the definition of the word: SUPERSTAR. His unique sound and Aura is the creative force behind the Sketchyverse Universe.

The Studio

High-Quality WAVs

All holders get access to the whoodio in order to download the full length versions of their beats


Establish community funded treasury

20% of all secondary sales will be deposited into a community Wallet. Holders vote on proposals and sit in the driver's seat on our music NFT journey.

Community Studio

Once a month we will have a period for submissions. This is where the community gets to shine. You may take the music attached to your WhoWho, and record a track to it. You can then submit your track to the WhoWho team for Review and if it makes the cut, your song will be shopped to major labels, managers, execs and publishers.

Charitable Donations

A portion of the mint will be donated to the World Wide Life Org. and to Organizations that place S.T.E.M programs in low income neighborhoods.

Collabs, Airdrops & Giveaways

Holders will be given exclusive access to future collabs, Airdrops and Giveaways.


WhoWhos Treehouse holders will have exclusive access to upcoming WW merch that will be dropping this year. Not next year, THIS YEAR.

IRL Events

WhoWho's TreeHouse plans to throw some of the best parties and meetups IRL and in the Metaverse. Holders will have VIP exclusive access to these events.

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